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Citation Guide

Historians generally use the Chicago style format for footnotes/endnotes and bibliography.  This one page guide provides examples for the most common type of sources.  See the Citations and Writing page for more guides and information.

Project Outlines

Eight proposed research paper topics:

— Resurgence of Bolero music in contemporary Viet Nam and its implications for cultural control by the VCP — The economic motivations behind the Vietnamese mass migration in 1954/55 — Role of Buddhist Revival Movement in the Vietnamese Revolution, 1930-1954 — Cambodian classical dance at the intersection of modernity and traditionalism,

— The widening educational gap between rural and urban areas in China — Migration from rural to urban areas in China and the problem of aging — Significance of the Opium Wars on China’s foreign relations: the Zongli Yamen case — Comparing the influence of revolutions on women’s rights in China and Iran.

Library Research Award for Undergraduates

Class Information

Course Description
This undergraduate research seminar is designed to accommodate SIS Asian Studies majors with research paper requirements and History majors with Senior Seminar requirements working on Asia. It will provide a learning community under faculty supervision to guide individual research projects through a quarter-long process of research and writing, with regular discussions of drafts and feedback on research issues as they arise.
Course Requirements
Aside from conducting their own research project, students are required to read each other’s draft materials and come prepared to every class meeting to offer oral and/or written feedback. Collaboration outside of seminar meetings is explicitly encouraged. Students should make regular use of faculty office hours to discuss their papers’ progress and ask for guidance. While the seminar offers a learning community and faculty guidance, students must understand that their research paper projects necessitate a high level of self-motivation and self-direction. Most of the time commitment for their projects will be outside of class meetings.
Good time management over the course of the quarter is essential. The students will present research paper project ideas, preliminary bibliographies, and various drafts of their papers in the course of the quarter (see schedule). At the end of the quarter, they will produce a 15-20 pp. research paper in fulfillment of their majors’ requirements.

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