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Encyclopedias: Collections

For information on countries or cities including current statistical data see the Country & City Info guide.

Encyclopedias: Biographical

Additional biographical sources can be found on the Biography guide.

Dictionaries: English

Dictionaries: Collections

The following are collections of dictionaries, some covering multiple languages, others covering one language.

Dictionaries: Languages

For additional dictionaries check the research guides for various area studies and languages such as Scandinavian Studies, Near East and Italian Studies. Also use UW Libraries Search to find print and online dictionaries.

Finding Additional Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

To find additional encyclopedias and dictionaries, both print and online, use UW Libraries Search.

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Search Examples

  • Search for your broad topic and add the term encyclopedias. For example:
    • global warming encyclopedias
    • vietnam war encyclopedias
    • shakespeare encyclopedias
  • For language dictionaries, search for the language and add the term dictionaries. For example:
    • navajo language dictionaries
    • american sign language dictionaries
    • ladino language dictionaries english (for a Ladino to English dictionary)

Other options for identifying encyclopedias and dictionaries: