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KL2 Scholars Library Guide

Biomedical Sciences Toolkit

The Biomedical Sciences Toolkit is a research portal, providing recommended resources and research tips.  Examples include:

  • Articles and Abstracts:
    • Using PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, and Embase
    • Customizing MyNCBI
    • Cited Reference Searching
  • Clinical Research:
    • Clinical Trial Registries
    • Clinical Research & Data Management Tools
  • Funding Support:                                                                                                                           
    • Grant Forward
    • Grant Writing Resources
  • Collaborators and Networking
    • Mentoring and team science resources
    • Strategies for identifying experts or potential collaborators
  • Support for NIH-Funded Researchers
    • NIH Public Access Policy Help Guide
    • NIH Data Management Policies and DMP Tool
    • SciENcv

Current Awareness Alert Strategies

Consider a combination of approaches to stay on top of the literature in your field. 

  • Targeted Literature Searches:
    • Set up automated ongoing searches in databases such as PubMed or Scopus to look for topics, authors, or institutions important to you.
    • In PubMed, you can use MyNCBI to save searches and receive updates of newly-published references by email or RSS feed.
  • Cited Reference Searches:
    • Set up automated ongoing searches to track new articles that cite an article of interest. 
    • Best databases: Web of Science, Scopus, or Google Scholar.
    • Click HERE for quick tips on cited reference searching.
  • Funding Opportunities, Awarded Grants, or News:
    • NIH RePORTER is good for tracking awarded grants.
    • Consider blogs (e.g., NIH's Open Mike) and Twitter (e.g., #AAASmtg, #CDC, or #microbiome).

Feedly can be a useful tool for managing RSS feeds.

Please contact Diana Louden - Biomedical & Translational Sciences Librarian - for assistance.

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