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KL2 Scholars Library Guide

Ideas for Increasing the Visibility of Your Work

  • Register for an ORCID ID and use it when you publish.
  • Publish in open access journals to improve access for people who aren't affiliated with well-funded institutions.
  • Deposit articles in institutional repositories (e.g., UW's ResearchWorks) or discipline-specific repositories (e.g., PubMed Central).
  • Give your publications clear, concise titles.  Include important keywords in the abstract.
  • Share your research through mechanisms other than journal articles, such as giving conference presentations, sharing research data, and mentoring.
  • Present seminars related to your research to groups outside your field, including policy makers, health care providers, and consumers.

Credit for many of these ideas is owed to the Washington University Becker Medical Library's publication "Enhancing Your Impact."