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Data Management Guide: Home

Guide of resources related to the many aspects of research data management. This guide was created thanks to generous support from the UW Friends of the Libraries.

What You'll Find in This Guide

  • Data Management Plans - Learn about the requirements for data management plans (DMPs) for NSF, NIH, and other funding agencies.
  • Organization and Format - Understand how you can strategically arrange data and information into a user-friendly format. Learn about preservation and metadata and why it is important to your research. 
  • Sharing and Storage - Discover reasons and methods for sharing your data.

What is Data Management?

Data management encompasses the processes surrounding collecting, organizing, describing, sharing, and preserving data.



DDI version 3.0 Combined Lifecycle Model

DDI version 3.0 Combined Life Cycle Model

Quick & Dirty Tools

As a resource to help with those responding to the White House mandate on data sharing (see our blog post), the National Library of Medicine has put together a table of NIH-supported data repositories that accept submissions of appropriate data for reuse. Check it out here.

Try these links for quick solutions to other common data management challenges:

Data Management Planning:


Data Storage, Preservation, & Archiving:


Data Citation:

Data Management Resources

There are resources on campus to help UW researchers with various stages of the data management cycle. Also included are resources outside the UW for general guidance on data management that we've found to be the most useful.

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