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TLIT 458 - The Modern Novel - Nicole Blair:

This course guide is designed for students in Nicole Blair's Spring 2019 class on The Modern Novel!


FOLD is an open publishing platform with a unique structure that lets writers link media cards to the text of their stories. Media cards can be video, photos, gifs, maps, tweets, audio, free text, or links.  They are created by searching through YouTube, Flickr, Soundcloud, and more from inside the text editors.


Tutorials on

Here are some tips about how to use

  • Where can I find my drafts?
    • All stories are automatically saved as you write. You can always find them in the "My drafts and stories" section.
  • How do I add a title to each section of my story?
    • Click the small "hamburger" menu in the top right corner of each text card.
  • Can I rearrange the cards in my story?
    • Yes! Just click on the "minimap" in the bottom right corner to zoom out.  You can draf the cards between and across rows.
  • How do I link cards to words and phrases in the text?
    • You can link the context cards to the text by highlighting the desired word, clicking the link icon, and selecting the card you'd like to link. You can also make a new card directly from this menu.