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Unveiling Myanmar: Home

An Exhibit in Allen North Lobby November 2023


Unveiling Myanmar is an exhibit in the University of Washington Libraries Allen North Lobby, November 1st to 30th, 2023

 The exhibit is accompanied by film screenings in the Allen Auditorium at 4 pm:

Burma Film Screenings

Allen Library Auditorium | 4pm

“The Lady” | Wednesday, October 25, 2023 4pm

This biographical film portrays the life of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel laureate and leader of Myanmar's pro-democracy movement. It delves into her personal journey, political struggles, and her unwavering commitment to bring about democratic reforms in Myanmar.  Directed by Luc Besson, starring Michelle Yeoh as Aung San Suu Kyi and David Thewlis as her late husband Michael Aris.

“The Opium Warlords” | Wednesday, November 8, 2023

In the early 1970s Adrian Cowell and cinematographer Chris Menges are on the grounds In the Shan State of Myanmar following the lives of opium warlords. Their planned six months of investigation and filming turned into 18 months because of the ongoing miltary conflict, and assassination attempts. The film gives an intriguing view into the politics of the world narcotics trade, and a real look at the lives of the poppy farmers just trying to make a living.

“Friends in High Places” | Wednesday, November 15, 2023

In Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), the cult of nat spirit worship has survived both the triumph of a devastating military dictatorship and the widespread adoption of Buddhism. At the center of the cult are the spirit mediums, often homosexual men, who communicate with the nats and take on their flamboyant characteristics in ecstatic rituals. Guided by two lively 70-year olds, director Lindsey Merrison explores the role of the spirit mediums in Burmese society in this fascinating documentary.

“Twilight Over Burma” | Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Inge Sargent, an Austrian student and Sao Kya Seng, a young mining student from Burma fall in love. But it is only at the lavish wedding ceremony that Inge discovers her husband is the ruling prince of Hsipaw, a princely state in Burma. After a coup is staged by the Burmese military, Sao is imprisoned. Inge does everything she can to free him.

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Drugs, Politics and Insurgency


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