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TCMP 582 Movements & Organizing (Yerena): BLM 2013-2017

Research Guide for TCMP 582.

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Searching Tips

  • "Black lives matter movement" is a subject heading, meaning that the black lives matter movement is a significant subject of the article, chapter, book, or media that comes up when you use this search. In the advanced search field "Subject" "is (exact)" "Black lives matter movement"
  • Don't be afraid to search horizontally. When you find an article or book, open a new tab and do a quick google search of the author. Do they have the authority you would want them to have? Do they have the authority of lived experience? Are they part of the movement?
  • Remember that books take longer to publish than articles. A book published in 2018 is probably focused on events from 2017 and earlier.

Books, Chapters, and Articles

Supplementary Sources