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English 102 : Information timeline

A Spectrum of Information

The graphic below talks about various kinds of information sources and the various places we can find these information sources. 


Information to the left of the dotted line:

The information to the left of the dotted line is information found on the Internet, which includes Wikipedia, online news sources and broadcast media. This information is produced quickly; sometimes daily, hourly, or second to second. 

Information to the right of the dotted line:

The information to the right of the dotted line includes information in electronic formats (found online) or in print formats. These types of information include books, scholarly journals, encyclopedia articles, and raw data. These information types can take up to months or years to produce. They cannot always be found on the free web (like in a Google search), but can be found through the library

The Information Timeline Video


What type of source do you most want to find today?
Scholarly Journal Articles: 8 votes (23.53%)
Books/eBooks: 4 votes (11.76%)
Reference/Encyclopedia Sources: 9 votes (26.47%)
News: 13 votes (38.24%)
Total Votes: 34

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