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Research Guides

Create a PDF from Word (PC)

After copying and arranging your text, images, and maps into a single Word document: 

1. Open your Word Document

2. Select File

3. Select Export

4. Select Create/PDF/XPS Document

5. Choose a File Name and Save As Type PDF

(Note: Instructions are for Word 2016. Different versions of Word might require slightly different steps)

Create a PDF (Mac)

After copying and arranging your text, images, and maps into a single document: 

1. Open the document that you want to turn into a PDF

2. Select File

3. Select Print

4. Select PDF in the bottom-left of the Print menu and select Save as PDF

5. Enter a name for your PDF and select a location for your PDF in the Where drop-down menu

Find more tips on how to create, edit, and share PDFs on a Mac here.

Combine Multiple Documents into One PDF

In order to combine multiple documents into one PDF file, it is best to use Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Several computer labs on campus have Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro

2. Select File -> Create -> Combine Files Into a Single PDF

3. Select Add Files -> Add Files or Add Folders

4. Choose the files from your computer that you would like to output as a single PDF

5. Arrange the files in the order that you would like them to appear in the PDF

6. Choose a file size (in most cases, the default will be fine) and Select Combine Files

Online2PDF provides a free tool for converting multiple documents into a single PDF.

Looking for more help? See Adobe's instructions here or email Geography librarian Kian Flynn at