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Research Data Management: Selecting a Data Repository

Guide of resources related to the many aspects of research data management. Data management encompasses the processes surrounding collecting, organizing, describing, sharing, and preserving data.

Choosing a Data Repository

UW has a membership with the generalist data repository Dryad. Use our guide to see if Dryad is the right place for you to deposit your data.

There are three different types of data repositories where you can deposit your data for sharing. Many disciplines have preferred discipline-specific repositories. If your discipline does not have a preferred repository, there are also general repositories that take data from all fields. The third option is to deposit your data into an institutional repository, such as the UW’s ResearchWorks. Below you will find links to resources to help you find the right repository for your data.

List of Data Repositories by Category

Discipline-specific Repositories

General Repositories

Institutional Repositories

Data Publishing

Help from the UW Libraries

The UW Libraries’ Scholarly Communications and Publishing Group (SCP) can help with questions or consultations regarding sharing and publishing your research data, including:

  • Strategies and workflows for all stages of the research data lifecycle;
  • Finding and acquiring data;
  • Locating UW campus departmental resources;
  • Digital publishing options; 
  • Open data and research impact

And much more. You can contact the SCP department at