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How to Publish Your Article in the Humanities: Finding a Journal

Information on finding journals in your research area, determining which are the best ones to submit your article, and how to locate submission guidelines.

How to Identify Potential Journals

STEP 1: Go to the UW Libraries' research guides and identify a database that focuses on your specific discipline.  For instance, if your article pertains to Spinoza, see the Philosophy research guide under "Articles & E-Journals" to locate the Philosopher's Index.

STEP 2: Search the database to identify journals that publish in your area. Ex: search Philosopher's Index using "Spinoza" as a source/publication title. This will find journals devoted specifically to Spinoza (Revista Conatus: Filosofia de Spinoza.) Or, search by keyword or subject terms for your topic to find journals that are a good fit for that subject: "Spinoza AND god" (Journal for the History of Philosophy). Most databases will show results based on publication. Pick the titles that have published the most articles on your topic.

STEP 3: Once you've identified possible journals, learn more about each journal and its submission guidelines. You can do this by:

  • Using a periodicals directory (MLA Periodicals Directory or Ulrichs)
  • Using Google to find the journal's webpage. Most provide submission guidelines on their webpage.

Periodicals Directories

Undergraduate Journals