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Using Books for Research

Books can provide an in-depth look at a topic, and are often written in a style that explains and contextualizes a phenomenon more. If using books is allowed by your professor for a research paper, this can be a good option for students. Remember, you won't be reading the whole book, just the portions that apply to your research. 

Featured Titles

My Remarkable Journey

The remarkable woman at heart of the smash New York Times bestseller and Oscar-winning film Hidden Figures tells the full story of her life, including what it took to work at NASA, help land the first man on the moon, and live through a century of turmoil and change. 

Diversifying STEM

The essays cover three main areas: the widely-held ideology that science and mathematics are "value-free," which promotes pedagogies of colorblindness in the classroom as well as an avoidance of discussions around using mathematics and science to promote social justice; how male and female students of color experience the intersection of racist and sexist structures that lead to general underrepresentation and marginalization; and recognizing that although there are no quick fixes, there exists evidence-based research suggesting concrete ways of doing a better job of including individuals of color in STEM. 

Inside Deep Learning: Math, Algorithms, Models

Journey through the theory and practice of modern deep learning, and apply innovative techniques to solve everyday data problems. In Inside Deep Learning, you will learn how to: Implement deep learning with PyTorch Select the right deep learning components Train and evaluate a deep learning model Fine tune deep learning models to maximize performance Understand deep learning terminology Adapt existing PyTorch code to solve new problems Inside Deep Learning is an accessible guide to implementing deep learning with the PyTorch framework. 

Republic of Numbers

Once upon a time in America, few knew or cared about math. In Republic of Numbers, David Lindsay Roberts tells the story of how all that changed, as America transformed into a powerhouse of mathematical thinkers. Covering more than 200 years of American history, Roberts recounts the life stories of twenty-three Americans integral to the evolution of mathematics in this country. Republic of Numbers will appeal to anyone who is interested in learning how mathematics has intertwined with American history.

Fifty Years of Women in Mathematics

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), the oldest organization in the world for women in mathematics, had its fiftieth anniversary in 2021. This collection of refereed articles, illustrated by color photographs, reflects on women in mathematics and the organization as a whole. 

Young, Gifted and Missing

Acting as a bridge between the academic and policymaking communities, Young, Gifted and Missing sets the stage for addressing critical issues around why African American men are absent in the STEM disciplines.  The authors track the experiences of African American male students in STEM at every level of the educational system in order to produce successful models of achievement.

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