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Search Tips

From the UW library search box, choose "Advanced Search."

  • Type one different concept into each box
  • Connect similar terms with or in the same box (ex: women OR females)
  • Use the limiters along the left side to choose the type of resource, published date, language, etc. 
  • As you scan the results, make note of any other terms used to describe your topic. 
  • As you scan the results, be aware of what sparks your interest to find ways to limit your topic. 
  • Browse Art & Architecture books in the N section on the 2nd floor of the Tioga Library Building.
  • Search by art movement or architectural style.  Entire books on a particular artist or architect may not exist.
  • Find one good book or article, then see what other titles are suggested in its bibliography.
  • Ask for help at the Reference Desk or online!

UW Libraries Search

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Browse Books

Look for these call numbers on our shelves to browse books by topic:

  • N1-9211            Visual Arts
  • NA1-9428         Architecture 
  • NB1-1952         Sculpture
  • NC1-1940         Drawing, Design, Illustration 
  • ND25-3416       Painting
  • NE1-3002         Print media
  • NK1-9990         Decorative Arts
  • NX1-820           Arts in general

E-Reference Books

Catalogues Raisonnés

A catalogue raisonnés is an index of a body of work, typically that of an artist. Entries may include the title, dimensions and date of an artists' works, as well as the provenance, condition, exhibition history, related works, copies, related literature and images of the artworks. Some catalogues raisonnés may be found via UW Library Search by searching "[artist name] catalogue raisonnés," or you are unsure if a catalogue raisonnés exists for an artist, you can try searching the IFAR (International Foundation of Art Research) database of catalogues raisonnés.