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Search Tips

From the UW library search box, choose "Advanced Search."

  • Type one different concept into each box
  • Connect similar terms with or in the same box (ex: women OR females)
  • Use the limiters along the left side to choose the type of resource, published date, language, etc. 
  • As you scan the results, make note of any other terms used to describe your topic. 
  • As you scan the results, be aware of what sparks your interest to find ways to limit your topic. 
  • Browse Art & Architecture books in the N section on the 2nd floor of the Tioga Library Building.
  • Search by art movement or architectural style.  Entire books on a particular artist or architect may not exist.
  • Find one good book, then see what other titles are suggested by Amazon.
  • Check the reference list of an article or book you already have.
  • Ask for help at the Reference Desk or online!

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