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Starting points and usage tips for finding materials related to the history of science and medicine in Special Collections.

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The History of Science and Medicine Collection is located in Special Collections within the University of Washington Libraries and includes material from across four centuries. The collection includes early printed works to mid-twentieth century imprints. The scope of the collection is broad, with significant holdings in teratology, pediatrics, anatomy, physiology, and ophthalmology. The information found in these historical materials is supported by books, journals and other resources located in the Libraries broader collections.

Pioneering Medicine Online Exhibit

Pioneering Medicine: Milestones from Seattle's First Century 1850-1950

From the Denny Party landing, in 1851, through the founding of the University of Washington's School of Medicine in 1946, Seattle's physicians played defining roles in medicine, politics and society. This exhibit highlights Seattle's early physicians and how they shaped Seattle, and the region. Advances in healthcare and medical milestones and the role of other health professions is also included.

Wayside Mission Hospital


Story Maps

Base Hospital 50 - Serving in WWI France The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Seattle
Base Hospitals were partnerships between universities, the American Red Cross, and the War Department set up during World War I across Europe. Base Hospital 50 was the joint effort of Major James B. Eagleson and UW President Henry Suzzallo. (Created by Emily Pearson, 2017) The 1918 influenza epidemic in Seattle killed over 1500 residents between September 1918 and January 1919. Explore the interactive timeline of the epidemic in Seattle. (Capstone project by Elizabeth Horan, Mary Lou Kirchmer and Eliza Runolfson.

History of Science and Medicine Curator

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