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Age of the Kampuchea Picture: Filmography

These pages accompany the visit of film-maker Rithy Panh to the UW campus in December 2017. They provide explanatory materials supporting the events around his visit, including a video installation in the Research Commons Lobby, December 4 - 15.

General Films

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Films of Rithy Panh


Rithy Panh, Couteau, C., Vann Nath, Marder, Marc, Institut national de l'audiovisuel, Arte France cinéma, . . . First-Run Features. (2008). S21 : The Khmer Rouge killing machine. New York]: First Run Features.

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  • Site 2 (1989) (86 min.) -- La terre des âmes errantes (1999) (106 min.) -- Bophana, une tragédie cambodgienne (1996) (59 min.) -- S 21, la machine de mort khmère rouge (2002) (101 min.).
    Four films by the critically acclaimed Cambodian documentary film director and screenwriter Rithy Panh. Site 2 is about a family of Cambodian refugees in a camp on the Thai-Cambodian border in the 1980s. La terre des âmes errantes: Tells of a family's struggle, as well as showing a Cambodia entering the modern age, chronicling the hardships of workers digging a cross-country trench for Cambodia's first optical fiber cable. Bophana, une tragédie cambodgienne is about a young woman who was tortured and killed at S-21 prison. S 21, la machine de mort khmère rouge concerns the Khmer Rouge's Tuol Sleng prison, reuniting former prisoners, including the artist Vann Nath, and their former captors.
    In Central Khmer and French with French subtitles and French overvoicing.
    DVD, PAL, region 2, DVD 9, mono.

Rithy Panh, Dussart, C., Kang, Kech Ieu, CDP , production company, & First-Run Features , publisher. (2013). Duch : Master of the forges of hell. New York]: First Run Features.

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Rithy Panh, Bidou, J., Deboise, Eve, Chan, Chea Lyda, Roeun, Narith, Keo, Ratha, . . . JBA production. (2008). Un soir après la guerre. Paris: JBA édition [distributor].
Jolie, Angelina. Rithy Panh, producer.  First They Killed My Father. Netflix, 2017.
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