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Persistent Identifiers:

Tools to help researchers create long-lasting persistent identifiers.

What is

When a user creates a link, archives the referenced content and generates a link to an archived record of the page. Regardless of what may happen to the original source, the archived record will always be available through the link.

How does work?

You give the URL of the page you want to preserve and cite.’s software visits that URL, preserves what's there, deposits it into their collection, and gives you a unique URL (e.g. "") - a "Perma Link" - that points to the record in our collection.

You then can use that Perma Link in your citation to give readers access to a stable, accurate record of the source you referenced, even if the original disappears from the web.

When to use creates a static representation of a website at a given point in time. If a researcher would like to link to or reference a “screenshot” of an often-changing website, is the perfect solution.

Below is an example of a the record that can be found at:

screenshot of record of FBI Most Wanted page

How to use

To create a link, users will need an account. 


Option 1: Individual Account

Users can sign up for a free individual account that is limited to 10 records. If you need more than 10 links you can upgrade from the free trial to one of their monthly subscription tiers or see option 2

Option 2: Organizational Accounts also has organizational accounts that have unlimited record creation.

The University of Washington Libraries has institutional access to this service. Please email to see if belonging to the organizational account is right for you.

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