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THIST 290: A World History of Food -- Sundermann: Popular Sources

Finding popular sources

Use a database like Academic Search Complete to locate articles from newspapers and magazines.  You might also find these articles on the web, but you may not be able to get to the actual article without going through the Library.

Limit your search results to magazines or newspapers

Use Google to locate websites, blogs, and other popular online sources.  Be sure to evaluate that source (like you would evaluate any source you use).  See suggestions below for what questions to think about when using a website.

Sample of popular news and magazine sources

Evaluating websites and popular sources

  • Is the author identified?
  • Does the author have any expertise or background in the subject?
  • Can you easily find out information about the publication (newspaper or magazine)?
  • Does the website promote a product?  Even if it does, you may want to use the source as evidence of how a food producer or company might be promoting its product.