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Embase Help Guide

Guide to searching Embase, a biomedical database focused on drugs and pharmacology, medical devices, clinical medicine, and basic sciences relevant to clinical medicine.

Basic Search

Go to the Embase home page and select Quick Search.

Leave the dropdown menu on Quick Search and enter a word or phrase for your subject. Suggestions for Emtree terms will appear as you type, along with the number of articles tagged with that term. The Quick Search will search on your word or phrase as both Emtree terms and free text.

Graphical presentation of Quick Search instructions


When you are done typing, hit the tab key and the search page will show the number of articles your search will pull up. ""

You may add more search terms in additional lines, adjusting their Boolean operator dropdown and field dropdown as needed.

If desired, limit the search by publication year, date entered by Embase, or some types of publication. More limiters will be available on the results page.