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Health & Wellness at UW: Home

Take Care!

It can be overwhelming on a large campus to locate resources to support your health and wellness, particularly in times of uncertainty and change. The resources below are meant to point you to specific campus resources for community-building, mental health and safety.

If you are experiencing fear, harassment or violence on or off campus, report it and find safety.

If you experience unsafety or fear in the libraries, please don't hesitate to approach any staff member and we will work with you to find safety for you and take appropriate actions.

Counseling and Crisis Clinics

Prioritize Your Mental Health

A woman poses in front of a graffiti representing the sun on the occasion of the observance of the World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day Observance by United Nations Photo, Licensed under CC BY 2.0. Observed October 10, 2022.

Campus Organizations