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University of Washington Health Sciences Library

ENGL 199H / HSERV 100: Library databases & techniques for literature reviews

Sources for background reading and overviews

Look for information on websites of known organizations that are working in your area of interest (Examples: Gates Foundation for malaria. Centers for Disease Control for US public health topics. Kaiser Family Foundation for health services and health insurance research)

Multidisciplinary databases

UW Libraries Search

Enter relevant keywords into UW Libraries Search to look for articles or books on your topic, for example:

social media and mental health

sleep and sports performance

workplace hazards mobile technology

Use Refine My Results "Resource Type" filter to limit to ebooks or book chapters, or articles.

Health sciences and other subject-specific databases

For more about searching PubMed, see PubMed at the UW

To find recommended databases for different disciplines, see Research Guides on the UW Libraries home page, or individual library websites (Business, Law, etc.) and Toolkits on the Health Sciences Library website.

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