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Saving Results in Collections


To save selected search results:

  1. Sign in to My NCBI.
  2. Run a search and on the results page, select the citations you want to save using the check boxes. If you do not select any items, all results up to 5000 items will be sent to Collections.
  3. Under the 'Send to' drop-down menu, select 'Collections' and click 'Add to Collections.'
  4. On the 'Save Collection' window, you may create a new collection or append to an existing collection. Enter a collection name.

Saving Results in My Bibliography

Guide to the New My Bibliography (22 min. video)

'My Bibliography' is designed for authors to easily search and collect citations for their publications and manage peer review article compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. 'Other Citations' is a feature designed for authors publishing in two distinct areas of research that allows them to create a second bibliography in My NCBI.

  1. Under My Saved Data click 'My Bibliography.'
  2. Click 'add citations' if your bibliography is empty. Click on the blue plus icon on the Actions toolbar.
  3. Enter your last name and other optional search criteria to limit your search if your name is not a unique author name in PubMed or add items manually or Add other Citations using search filters, e.g. meeting abstracts, presentations.
  4. Review the list of citations and use the check boxes to select your papers, click 'Add to My Bibliography.'
  5. To add additional citations since the last time you updated your bibliography click the plus symbol on the My Bibliography Actions bar.

    MyNCBI My Bibliography Action Bar
  6. Use the 'Other Citations' link under My Saved Data to create an additional bibliography using a saved search form.
  7. Click the 'View Results in PubMed' icon to display your bibliography in PubMed.
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