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NURS 431 Child Health Nursing: Finding and Identifying Research

Analyze the Website Address

A quick glance at the website address can give you some clues about the website and its publisher.

For example:


Host site: CDC = Centers for Disease Control

URL extension: .gov = US governmental body

    .edu = educational institution
    .org = non-profit organization
    .net = network and computer topics


Analyze the Website

Assessing the Quality of Health Information on the Internet

The CRAAP Test [pdf] (Californiat State University Chico)

  • Currency - recent, regulary updated
  • Relevance - on topic, intended audience
  • Authority - author and credentials identified
  • Accuracy - verifiable information, bias
  • Purpose - goal of the website/publisher


Evaluating Health Websites (National Networks of Libraries of Medicine, NLM)

  • Accuracy: Is the information based on sound medical research? Can the information on the web page be verified by another source?
  • Authority: Who published the page? What are the person's credentials? What do you know about them?
  • Bias/Objectivity: Is the information showing just one point of view?
  • Currency/Timeliness: When was the page last updated?
  • Coverage: Is the information complete?


Website Evaluation Form (Health On the Net Foundation)

  • provides a means for web publishers to show intent to provide access to quality health information
  • 'certification' by this non-governmental organization is indicated by the HON Code icon
  • websites displaying the HON Code agree to follow the HON Principles 


Try out your skills on these websites

Reputable Websites for Consumers



Check the About Us page on websites to find out more about who publishes the website, their purpose, funding, etc.

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