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Data in the Traditional Literature


Use databases such as PubMed to find information in the traditional literature.  

Here are some useful subject headings and subheadings to use.



In PubMed, if you wish to focus to a specific subheading of a subject heading, combine the two terms in the pattern subject heading/subheading[mh], ex. community health services/utilization

Subject Heading



Community Health Services
Ethnic Groups (includes specific subgroups)
Health Services (includes more specific named services)               
Program Evaluation
Risk Factors
Risk Reduction Behavior

/prevention and control
/statistics and numerical data

*Refer to the MeSH database for more information



In CINAHL, the pattern for manually entering subject headings and subheadings is as follows (MH "Subject Heading+/SN")

Subject Heading Subheading


Attitude to Risk
Behavioral Changes
Community Health Services                   
Ethnic Groups
Health Services
Risk Factors
Program Evaluation
Risk Taking Behavior


/ethnology /EH
/ethical issues /EI
/epidemiology /EP
/etiology /ET
/evaluation /EV
/mortality /MO
/prevention and control /PC
/psychosocial factors /PF
/risk factors /RF
/statistics and numerical data /SN
/trends /TD
/transmission /TM

Health Services Research

PubMed offers a health services research filter.

Search by Category: 

  • Appropriateness
  • Process Assessment
  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Costs 
  • Economics
  • Qualitative Research

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