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University of Washington Health Sciences Library

Teresa Jewell


Health sciences librarians serve the University of Washington health sciences community by sharing information about library collections, services, department-specific resources, procedures for requesting new materials, and by supporting the teaching, clinical, and research needs of the UW health sciences community.

I can:

  • Help you identify the best databases for your research topic
  • Recommend ways to effectively use HSL databases and develop search strings
  • Help plan your literature/scoping/systematic review process
  • Answer your questions via email or phone, or meet over Zoom
  • Discuss library services and resources with you or your class

Departments and Specialties


  • Interprofessional Education in the Health Sciences
  • Rehabilitation Medicine



For quick evidence-based research on a clinical topic, try PubMed Clinical Queries. Enter the search terms for your topic, then choose your category: therapy, clinical predication guides, diagnosis, etiology, or prognosis. Clinical Queries retrieves 5 articles for each search, and you can view all results for each search by clicking “see all” at the bottom of the initial results list. It's also a helpful starting point for narrowing down a broad research topic.
Visit for a super-short interactive tutorial.


Are you new to researching, need a refresher after some time away, or just want to expand your skills?
The Graduate Student Research Institute (GSRI) is a self-paced online workshop for grad students to build research skills while connecting with library resources. The live event was in Summer 2021, but the training materials remain available.
If you wish you knew more about constructing searches or publishing your work or managing your time, visit



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