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Odegaard Game Collection: Home

Provides basic information about the collection of board, card ,and tabletop role-playing games at the Odegaard Undergraduate Library

About the Game Collection

The Game Collection at Odegaard Library contains board, card, and tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). The collection was originally funded with support from the UW Parents Collections and Programs Endowed Fund in order to offer game-related programming during Dawg Daze. The primary purposes of the collection are to support extracurricular game playing, to foster face-to-face gaming opportunities, to explore the potential of games to engage and education, and to introduce various game styles. Student and instructor suggestions for additions to the collection are welcome. The collection is located on Odegaard 1st floor,  just inside and to the left of the main entry doors.

Game Collection Policies

  • Games can be checked out for 14 days.
  • There is a checkout limit of 2 games per person.
  • If a game you want is checked out, you can use the Request UW Item button in UW Libraries Search to place a hold
  • Check out and return games at a library service desk. Please don't put them in a book drop (unless the game takes the form of a book, such as an RPG manual).
  • Double-check all game components (boards, cards, pieces, dice, instructions, etc.) against the list provided in the game before returning.
  • Be kind to the games! Keep them away from food and drink, and protect them from rain and other weather. Lost or severely damaged games will be assessed the same replacement charges as other library items.

Finding and Requesting Games

You can browse the browse the entire Game Collection and place holds on specific games in UW Libraries Search, or browse just board and card games or role-playing games

If you want to learn more about a game before you place a hold, visit Board Game Geek and RPGGeek. These hobbyist sites provide tons of  information on games, including how many players a game works best with, how long games take to play, how complicated games are, and lots more.

Learn How to Play Games

Need to learn how to play a specific game? Rulebooks and manuals are OK and you can often find online versions on the game publisher's website and discussion threads on BoardGameGeek, Reddit, or other online discussion sites..  

However, you can also go to YouTube and search "how to play <Game Title>" for a video showing how to set up and play the game. YouTube is also a good source of game reviews and playthroughs -- seeing a game in action will give you a sense of whether this is a good choice for you. 

Find People to Play Games With

There are tons of gamers in the UW community! If you're a current student, check out the listing of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for a start. Some RSOs are dedicated to specific games like Chess, Magic the Gathering, and Pokemon, but there are also more general game clubs like Board Games at UW and the Pen and Paper Gaming Association .

photo of a group of board games

Photo credit: Linda Whang, Sept. 2023. Used with permission.

What type of games do you most like to play?

Quick, party-type board and card games: 14 votes (58.33%)
Longer, strategy-oriented board and card games: 7 votes (29.17%)
Role-playing games: 3 votes (12.5%)
Total Votes: 24

Suggest a new game

You can use the Libraries' Purchase Request Form to suggest a new game for the collection. Add "Attention: Odegaard Game Collection" in the notes field of the form. Please note that our funding is limited, and we will not be able to purchase every game suggested. 

Odegaard's Game Collection and game programming are the work of the OUGL Game Team: Kathleen Collins, Anne Davis, Em Ready, Emily Ruder, Jinny Sanders, and Linda Whang

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