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For the Staff Reads book group. Group operates in Summer and Winter Quarters and reads non-fiction texts that address issues facing our students and community.





Books are provided to participants in a first come, first served basis. 

First selection for Summer 2019 is Academic Ableism

Winter 2020 will read The Diversity Bargain

About Staff Reads

Inspired by the UW Tacoma Strategic Plan, and the Real Lit[erature]: Reading for Social Justice book groups, Staff Reads seeks to create a greater awareness and discussion of the experiences that are being had by our students, staff, and community members. By interacting with non-fiction texts that discuss different issues being faced by our students and community, it will provide opportunities to dialog with peers. Additional benefits include creating community by reducing isolation, and enhancing campus education through peer-based discussion groups.

Staff Reads is open to any person employed by UW Tacoma, in any capacity. 

Subject Librarian

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Alaina C. Bull