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Digital Storytelling: Finding Audio, Video & Images

Adding Media to Your Story

This page identifies a number of sources that can help you find media that can be reused for creative purposes. This Creative Commons Search enables searching for images with CC license in Flickr, YouTube, and a number of ther sources.


Images are the lifeblood of a digital story.  However, much like music, you need to be sure you own the images, the images are in the public domain, and that you are properly attributing the artist.  Below are some resources for images that are free from copyright.

Music + Sound

Music can add mood and feeling to your digital story, but it is important to make sure you own the rights to that music, you properly attribute the music, or that the music is royalty free/in the public domain. Below are some options for free music clips, and for a free music editor.


Perhaps a little stock footage would help to move your story along.  Below are resources for free video clips.  Always be sure to double check that you have the rights to use the video in the way you want to!