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TWRT211 - Laux-Bachand: Home

This is a guide for the Spring 2019 TWRT 211 Class!

Getting Started

You've already found a work of journalism or a scholarly article about the people who are involved in a future plan or area of interest that you might want to explore for our course projects. 

Now you are tasked with finding a genre example that is used in your future plan/area of interest. This is something people who engage in that plan/interest write. How you find this is up to you; you can use a UWT library database, Google, or another method; for example, you may collect genre examples from your interviewee or during your event/observation.

We have pulled together a number of resources for you to consider, based on your expressed interests. Click on the tabs to to your left to learn more.

Subject Librarian

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Alaina C. Bull