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Photo of Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge over Puyallup River

Fishing Wars Memorial Bridge over Puyallup River, found on

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Starting Points for Research

Step 1: Get background information

Search reference sources to gain a broad understanding of your topic and find possible sources. These are great to use for generating keywords to later use in a search. Here is one good place to start. More can be found on Getting Started.

Step 2: Search for scholarly literature

Use a search tool to find scholarly articles on your topic like the ones listed blow. More can be found on the "Search Tools" page. As you do this, break your topic into keywords.

Step 3: Saving Sources for Later Citation

During the research process, you will find a variety of scholarly articles. Many search tools allow you to send the PDF full-text of the article, but if you'd like to save your citations for future, use you might consider using a Citation Manage System.