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Art: Articles

This guide offers the top recommended resources for Art, Art History, and Design.

Art & Art History Databases

To find journal articles in the subject of art and art history, search one or more of the databases below. The database will provide a citation. Use the "source" or "journal title" in the citation to search for the item in the UW catalog. The UW catalog lists journals by title (e.g. Art Bulletin), if the UW subscribes to the journal the catalog will provide information on what issues we own and links to online full-text articles if available.

Possible Search Terms related to Art, Art History & Design

Search Terms:

  • Think of words and phrases that have the same or a similar meaning to your search topic and try searching with the new terms.
  • Use "AND" between search terms to narrow your search results to articles that have both search terms.
  • Use "OR" between search terms to broaden your results to articles that have either one term or the other.

       Example search:

  • Topic: Feminist perspectives on Pre-Raphaelite 
  • Search Terms: feminism, victorian, pre-raphaelite
Here is an image of an example search in Academic Search Complete:

  • Notice the "and/or" function is already provided in the drop down menus between search boxes.
  • This is a very narrow search for articles that have all three search terms.

Design & Applied Arts Databases

See "Resources by Topic -- Design & Applied Arts" to view additional design-related resources.

How to Find the Article

If the fulltext of the article is not available directly in a database such as America History & Life, then click on the purple Check for UW holdings button to find out if the UW has an electronic or print copy of the journal article you need.  If there is no button, then search the UW WorldCat for the title of the journal to determine if the UW owns a copy.

Article Lookup

Search for an article by:


Popular Press Titles

ARTnews      Design Quarterly

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GreenSource     Art Monthly

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