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FAQ: How do I find an article by citation?

Find a cited article

There are several ways go about finding an article via the UW Libraries website. However, the process is easiest when you have the article's citation handy -- which identifies the article's full title, journal, and author name. 

1. Start by locating the UW Libraries Search tool on the Libraries' home page. Type the article's full title in quotes in the tool's blank field and hit "Search."

UW Libraries Search Box

Tip: if searching on the article title doesn't pull the right result, try searching for the full journal title instead.


2. Once you locate the correct article in the search results, then click the small tab labeled "Online Access" or “Availability & Request Options” to see a list of summary of how and where it may be accessed.

Access options on a search result

Tip: If the article is available electronically, a list of corresponding databases or websites will appear. If the article is not available, a "Request this Item" option may appear instead.


3. If applicable, click one of the databases listed to be redirected to the article within that resource. Look for full-text indicators like Adobe PDF icon or UW Libraries Full Text icon to download or locate the article full text.


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