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FAQ: How do I connect Google Scholar with UW Libraries?

Short, simple how-to and demos of frequently asked questions about using the Libraries and information resources

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be easily configured to tell you which search results can be accessed through UW Libraries, and provide a direct link to the resource in the catalog for online access or to request it.

1. From the Google Scholar homepage, click the three strips/show menu icon on the left side of the page.

screenshot of google scholar home; a red box and a red arrow indicate the hamburger in the upper left

Tip: Click Sign In at the top right to save this to your UW or other Google account. When your account name is displayed, this library access link will be connected to it.


2. Then click Settings.

screenshot of settings button google scholar. a red box marks the "settings" option


3. Search for "University of Washington" to find the access link University of Washington - Full Text @ UW. Check the box next to this option, then click Save.

screenshot of google scholar settings for uw libraries. red boxes highlight 1) Library Links; 2) the search bar which as "University of Washington" entered; 3) a check box for "University of Washington-Full Text @UW" which is checked; 4) the save button at the lower right

Tip: If you don't see the University of Washington - Full-Text @ UW link on the first page of results, click the > icon to see more results.


What to Look For:

Search Result view in Google Scholar. This is how a resource that is accessible through UW will appear in your browser.

A yellow arrow points to Google Scholar's "Full-Text @ UW" on the right hand side of the page


Quick Learning Series: Connecting Google Scholar (2:05)