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University of Washington Special Collections Anti-Racism Initiatives

We acknowledge that the Special Collections is the repository for some collections, material, finding aids and/or catalog records that may cause harm. We are actively working to address this issue.

On this page, you will find documents, blogs, guidelines, and other resources examining anti-racist work in relation to archives. These resources are split into three tiers that vary in scope and perspective.

What is Anti-racism? 

Anti-racism: the policy or practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance (Oxford Dictionary)

Anti-racism: the work of actively opposing racism by advocating for changes in political, economic, and social life (Racial Equity Tools)

Content warning

There may be content within each resources that is triggering for people, please be mindful.

Note: This page is by no means a comprehensive list of all resources about anti-racist work in archives and other information institutions. To learn more, please reach out to the creators of these resources, UW Special Collections, or continue your own research.

We thank all of the authors and institutions who created and developed the resources on this page. They have paved a path for others to follow and we are grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Starting Out

This section contains introductory resources on the topics of anti-racism, archives & special collections, and other interrelated issues. These resources were selected to provide a jumping-off point for users interested in learning more about the topic of anti-racist work in libraries and archives more generally. 

Add Another Layer

This section contains resources examining archives through an anti-racist lens, both from the perspective of the user and the archivist. These resources were selected for users interested in learning about anti-racism in archives and special collections in more detail. 

Deep Dive

This section contains information about how archivists, librarians and other information professionals can incorporate anti-racist practices into their work. These resources were selected for users interested in the specific ways in which archives can strive towards becoming more anti-racist spaces. If you want to know more about a specific resource, we highly encourage you to reach out to the creator/s of that resource. 

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