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Southeast Asia Librarian Profile: Teaching

This Guide describes what services the Southeast Asia Section offers to students and faculty, and includes my interests and educational background.

UW SE Asia Classes taught

  • SISSE 420/LIS 498 Southeast Asian Knowledge and the Politics of Information: 5 credit seminar course cross-listed with ISchool.
  • HSTAS 221.  3 credit survey course on Southeast Asian History;
  • HSTAS 367: 3 credit seminar co-taught:  The Philippines and Vietnam: Colonialism, Nationalism and Diaspora.
  • ANTH 469/JSIS 419 Southeast Asian Knowledge and the Anthropology of Information;
  • JSIS 586A Special Topics in Southeast Asian Studies;
  • SISSE/POL 343 Politics and Change in Southeast Asia.

Library Teaching

  • Issues in International Librarianship: one credit class in UW ISchool.
  • Workshop in Hanoi on use of journals in research libraries for Vietnamese librarians and scholars.
  • Two-credit class: Southeast Asian Bibliography at Simmons College, Graduate School of Library and Information Science.
  • Consultant and trainer for UNESCO workshop in Hanoi to promote the Memory of the World Program in the Southeast Asia region.
  • Consultant and trainer for Ford Foundation-sponsored workshop on providing resources for Anthropology.
  • Organized training workshops in micrographics at the National Library of Viet Nam.