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Targeted Learning Communities

Are you taking a reading- or writing-intensive class? Is English your second, third, or fourth language?
Then consider joining a Targeted Learning Community (TLC) in the Odegaard Writing & Research Center.

For current information, follow this link: Targeted Learning Communities

Open Writing Circles

For many, working on a long-term project can be an unfamiliar, isolating, and daunting process. So, the Odegaard Writing & Research Center Open Writing Circles program is proud to open a shared space for students with the primary goal of writing and sharing strategies together. We welcome projects such as dissertations, Master’s theses, senior theses, research proposals, journal articles, and creative writing. This space will be facilitated by OWRC graduate tutors; at the start of each session we will set individual writing goals and, at the end, we will check-in to debrief about the day’s writing process and set goals for the week. Secondary goals will be generated with participants and there will be a graduate tutor available to discuss writing strategies. Regular participation is strongly encouraged, but you are free to drop-in.

For current hours and more information, see Open Writing Circles.


Dissertation Retreat

The OWRC's Dissertation Retreat brings together a group of graduate students who are interested in making significant progress on their dissertations during the interim between Spring and Summer Quarters with a supportive group of tutors and librarians.

See Dissertation Retreat for the latest information.

Special Workshops