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Free Online Education Resources about Writing

Want a general resource you can browse through? Here are some Open Education Resources (OER) about writing, including books. 

Writing in the Disciplines

While the handouts here are great for all-purpose academic writing, sometimes disciplines have specific formats or styles they prefer. Check  out the list of disciplinary writing centers on campus in the right column of our "Individual Help" page.

For digging more deeply into the mysteries of disciplinary writing, read Processes: Writing Across Academic Careers. "Showcasing the diversity of writing processes, styles, and formats in academia. Students, faculty, and staff share both published and unpublished work and reflect on their writing process as well as writing in their fields and disciplines. .... Students learning to write in college and in their specific disciplines will gain a holistic understanding of the kinds of writing they will encounter over the course of their academic careers and an appreciation for the multitudes of ways writers work." (Useful for instructors in the Program for Writing across the Curriculum (PWAC.)