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Collection Guidelines: French & Italian Studies: Departmental Focus

Guidelines for selection of French language and literature materials at UW Libraries.

About French & Italian Studies

Faculty research and graduate programs are interdisciplinary in nature, examining language, literature, and culture with research methods of such disciplines as history, philosophy, film studies, art history, gender, women & sexuality studies, and psychoanalysis. Undergraduate programs in French and Italian Studies offer a broad exposure to language, literature, and culture.

Areas of scholarship and research:

  • Modern Literature and Culture in France and Italy
  • Contemporary French and Italian Cinema
  • Francophone Postcolonial Cultures
  • Medieval and Early Modern French and Italian Literature and Culture
  • Environmental Humanities
  • History of the Book and Textual Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Intellectual and Cultural History
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Animal studies

Programs & Degrees

The department offers two distinct programs of study for undergraduates: French Studies and Italian Studies.  Comprehensive language sequences develop linguistic competence in oral and written expression, as well as introduce students to Francophone and Italian cultures around the world. The division offers study abroad programs in Paris, Nantes, Martinique, Rome, Umbria and Veneto.  Students can participate in Honors.

The graduate program in French Studies offers a Master of Arts and a Ph.D.  The program is designed to enhance interdisciplinary methods of teaching and research and to channel graduate studies into innovative areas of concentration.  The Ph.D. program balances the traditional areas of “Century” or “Literary Movement” with non-traditional areas such as “Critical Problem” and “Outside Areas.”