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Research Guides

Collection Guidelines: Drama: Departmental Focus

Collection development guidelines for drama.

Programs & Degrees

The UW School of Drama transforms artists and scholars into singular, innovative and courageous professionals, poised to be the creative leaders of tomorrow. 

The School of Drama offers the following degrees:  

Bachelor of Arts:  The Bachelor of Arts in Drama enhances and enriches the general bachelor's degree at the University of Washington with the specific study of the history, methods and applications in the dramatic arts.


  • Acting:  The UW Professional Actor Training Program (PATP) has been a highly regarded three-year conservatory training program 

  • Design
    • Scenic Design: Through a rigorous succession of studio assignments and realized production work, students in scenic design are expected to develop proficiency of expression via drawing and painting, drafting, model building, scene painting, and a working knowledge of scenic and property construction. Production work is emphasized in the second and third year of residency.

    • Costume Design: This course of study emphasizes the aesthetic as well as intellectual analysis of theatrical or operatic texts and how one turns these impulses into three-dimensional, unified designs.  Students will have intensive exposure to this process as they are mentored through the production of their designs as well as through classes, which encompass design, construction, graphic skills, and history. Production work in Costume design is emphasized in the second and third year of residency.

    • Lighting Design: The lighting design program focuses on dramaturgical understanding, communication with collaborators, and a rigorous understanding of a lighting design process.  The lighting curriculum emphasizes the development of both theoretical/thinking and practical/compositional skills.  Production work in lighting may occur in the first year, but is emphasized in second and third years, and often includes Dance.

  • Directing:  The Directing Program at the University of Washington School of Drama is a three year intensive, conservatory program designed to prepare students for successful entry into the professional theatre. 

PhD:  The Ph.D. program provides comprehensive training in theatre and performance scholarship, combining a wide definition of performance while maintaining rigorous training within a discipline core.