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Collection Guidelines: Japanese: UW Libraries Locations

These are the guidelines by which materials are purchased for the Japanese language and literatures collections of the UW Libraries (Seattle Campus).

Location of Materials

The materials in Japanese language are housed in East Asia Library. Western language materials on Japan are collected and housed throughout the University Libraries.

Suzzallo Library has most of Western language materials on Japan except the subject of Japanese language and literature which the user specifically request it being stored at East Asia Library.

The Odeggard Undergraduate Library has a general collection in English to support undergraduate curricular (i.e. Japanese language text book only if purchased).

The Media Center collects and houses audiovisual materials on Japan.

The Music Library Listening Center collects recorded music on Japan, and the Music Library has a collection of print materials in Western languages on Japanese music.

The Government Publications Section in Suzzallo collects most of the U.S. Government publications on Japan.

The Map Collection in Suzzallo has a collection of maps on Japan. Japanese maps under Special and Rare categories, however, stay in East Asia Library's Special Collection.

The Newspaper and Microfilm in Suzzallo has a collection of microfilms on Japan both in English and Japanese.

The Law Library collects Japanese laws and cases in Japanese and in English (when available).

The Special Collections' Pacific North West section holds items in Japanese language however, the collection is handled by the Pacific North West collection's curator.