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Research Guides


a. Chronological

Emphasis is on current research. No period is excluded if relevant to curriculum and research needs.

b. Geographical

Primary emphasis is on the Pacific Northwest, the Americas and Western Europe, although the collection contains geologic studies of all parts of the world.

c. Language

English language material receives primary consideration. French, Russian and German material are regularly collected. Material in other languages is not specifically excluded, but translations into English are selected when available. 

d. Format

The collection include both digital and physical formats for monographs, serials, government publications, conference proceedings, field trip guidebooks, dissertations and theses, specialized atlases and geological indexes, abstracts and bibliographies.

e. Exclusions

The collection generally excludes maps (unless an integral part of or attached to another publication). Lower division textbooks, article reprints, juvenile literature and pamphlets are also generally excluded unless special conditions warrant their inclusion.