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Photo Credit

Prints from Anne. H. H. Pyle Collection
Photographs by Kathryn Leonard

Noah’s Ark, 1978

Nativity, 1981

Flight into Egypt, 1981

The Disciples Catch Fish, 1974

The Good Samaritan, 1973

Jesus Washes His Twelve Disciples' Feet, 1981

Descent from the Cross, 1967

Moses Receives the Law, 1978

An Angel and Shepherds, 1973

Wedding at Cana, 1984

The Boat in the Storm, 1973

Miracle of Lazarus Raised, 1977

Peter and the Cock, 1974

Thomas, 1987

Grapes of Canaan, 1983

Three Wise Men, 1973

The Well in Samaria, 1979

The Good Shepherd, 1977

Last Supper, 1990

Christ Carrying His Cross, 1979