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Once you've run a search, use the "Refine My Results" options on the left side of the page.  It's a quick way to drill down to the most useful results without paging through a lot of items you're not really interested inOptions often include:

  • Resource type (examples: book, article)
  • Library (example: UW Tacoma)
  • Creation date
  • Language
  • Topic
  • Classification LCC (Library of Congress call numbers)


U.S. History Call Numbers

The UW Tacoma Library arranges books by Library of Congress (LC) call numbers. Though history is covered in every discipline (e.g., women's history may be located in the women's studies call numbers while the medical history may be in the medicine call numbers), the major sections for American history are listed below.

E11-E143 America
E75-E99 Native Americans

E101-E135 Discovery of America

E151-E889 United States

E186-E199 Colonial History

E201-E298 Revolution

E456-E665 Civil War

E740-E837 20th Century

E838-E889 Late 20th Century

E895-E904 21st Century
F1-F975 State & Local history

F886-F900 Washington State

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