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Social Responsibility & Business Ethics: Books

Ecology. Social. Economy.

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Tips for searching for books on social responsibility

Try a simple search: (By putting the terms in quotes, it forces the system to look for both words together.)

  • "social responsibility"
  • "corporate social responsibility"
  • "business ethics"
  • "people, profit, planet"
  • "board governance"
  • "social reporting"
  • plus others such as sustainability, accountability, transparency, disclosure

Once you've run a search, use the "Refine My Results" options on the left side of the page.  It's a quick way to drill down to the most useful results without paging through a lot of items you're not really interested inOptions often include limiting by:

  • resource type (book article)
  • library (UW Tacoma)
  • creation date
  • language
  • topic
  • peer reviews

Finding Books in the UW Tacoma Library

All books at UW Tacoma Library are located within the Tioga Library Building.

To retrieve the book, find the call number and write it down.  

  • Call numbers beginning with A-G are located on the first floor of the Tioga Library Building. (See map below)
  • Call numbers beginning with H-Z are located on the second floor of the Tioga Library Building. (See map below)

If the book is located at a UW Library other than Tacoma you may request the book be placed on hold for you to pick-up at the Service Desk (library circulation) in the Tioga Library Building by clicking on the "Availability and Request Options" within the results list of your chosen book.  

  • Select "Request UW item"
  • Choose which library you want to pick the book up at and Submit.
  • Holds for UW materials can take 3-5 days to process and will remain available for 7 days.
Tioga Map 1st Floor Tioga Map 2nd floor

Featured Books

Books are within the last 5 years...

Corporate Social and Human Rights Responsibilities: Global, Legal and Management Perspectives

Publication Date: 2011

No Logo by Naomi Klein, A story of establishing brand culture and the atrocities "behind the scenes" of business

Publication:  2009