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Social Responsibility & Business Ethics: Groups & Orgs

Ecology. Social. Economy.

Professional Organizations

Examples Socially Responsible Companies and Green Marketers

Patagonia  "Use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis"

LUSH Cosmetics "Fresh and Organic beyond marketing"

World Vision "We're smart with money. We're an open Book. We maximize impact"

Microsoft "Principles. People. Planet."

The Walt Disney Company "Reducing the environmental footprint of our supply chain"

Whole Foods Market "Going beyond the three R's...The first major retailer to offset 100% of our energy use with wind energy credits"

SolarCity "The largest solar energy services provider in the US"

TOMS Shoes-"The One for One program...for every pair of shoes sold, give a pair to a child in need" and more...

Nike- "Minimizing our environmental footprint"