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HathiTrust Digital Library: HathiTrust Research Center Analytics

What is HathiTrust Research Center Analytics?

HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) is the research arm of the HathiTrust. HTRC provides researchers with tools to access the vast amounts of information in the HathiTrust Digital Library for scholarly research. Most tools will require logging into an account. Anyone possessing an email address from a nonprofit institution of higher education is allowed to register, including those whose institutions are not HathiTrust members.

Tools from HTRC Analytics

HathiTrust Research Center creates tools for researchers to analyze the text of content in the HathiTrust Digital Library. These tools make it easier for researchers to preform text analysis and many have easy to use interfaces.

Worksets and Datasets


HTRC worksets are user-created collections of HathiTrust volumes to be treated as data and analyzed using HTRC tools and services. Worksets are curated by researchers, and they can be shared and cited to improve reproducibility.


HTRC releases research datasets to facilitate text analysis using the HathiTrust Digital Library.

Non-Comsumptive Use Research Policy

HathiTrust's Non-Consumptive Use Research Policy defines non-consumptive research and non-consumptive exports as implemented for non-profit research and educational analytical use of the HathiTrust collection.

Help Links

If you have questions about HathiTrust Research Center, here are a few helpful pages:


Or you can submit your own questions to HTRC via email at or participate in one of HTRC's office hours.