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University of Washington Health Sciences Library

PharmD Year 2 - Library Resources

Embase Search Examples

Problem and Intervention (and Study Type)Study Type filters are available.
Quick search: rheumatoid arthritis AND tofacitinib  2068  (543 articles; 855 conference abstracts)
Quick search: rheumatoid arthritis AND tofacitinib     Filters: randomized controlled trial 147  (50 articles; 90 conference abstracts)
Quick search: rheumatoid arthritis AND tofacitinib     Filters: cohort analysis 188 (50 articles; 132 conference abstracts)


(Problem and) Intervention and Outcome. Use Drug Search page.  Type drug name.  Choose Drug Subheadings.
'tofacitinib'/exp/dd_ae,dd_to Adverse effects or drug toxicity of tofacitinib 503
'tofacitinb'/dd_ae AND rheumatoid arthritis  


'tofacitinib'/dd_cb AND 'methotrexate'/dd_cb Tofacitinib used in drug combination.  Methotrexate used in drug combination. 164


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