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Robert Garfias Films @ the UW Ethnomusicology Archives: Watch Films

This guide describes and provides access to ethnomusicology films made by Robert Garfias.


This page presents a selection of films from the Robert Garfias Ethnographic Films Collection. While it is our goal to make all of the films freely available online for noncommercial research and study, staffing shortages, preservation costs, and rights issues hinder us from immediately realizing this goal.

Please contact us at if you have questions, concerns, or are interested in helping support this project. Special thanks to the Musical Instrument Museum (Arizona) for digitizing much of this content. 

Ali Akbar Khan and Mahapurush Misra (S12-S14)

Ansonini del Puerto (S 131— S 133)

Los Jarochos (S-047—S-048)

Hans Brimi & Jon Faukstad (S 111)

Ashish Khan and Zakir Hussain (S-042—S-044)

Keiji Yagi (S29-S30)

Hamza El Din (S-045—S-046)

Oboade (S-072—S-074)

Mohammad Omar (S-083—S-085)

T. Brinda and T. Ranganathan (S-020—S-022)