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University of Washington Health Sciences Library

Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)

Sources for continuing nursing education

CNE Available Through HS Library Website

Continuing Nursing Education:

CINAHL Complete

"CINAHL CE modules are interactive educational modules that allow nurses to satisfy CE requirements online." Instructions for the modules can be found on the webpage and on the FAQ page. Pre-registration is required. Credits available: ANCC. 


DynaMed EBM Journal:

"DynaMed editors monitor a large volume of research information on a daily basis through Systematic Literature Surveillance and frequently find articles that are of significant and timely interest to health care providers." Click the link for "DynaMed EBM Focus" on this page.



"If you have an individual subscription to UpToDate or you access UpToDate, you can earn CME/CE credit each time you research a clinical question." Further answers about CE may be found on the FAQ page. Credits available: AANP.

For more information about ANCC accreditation: American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Accreditation.

UW Journals

Continuing Nursing Education:


American Journal of Nursing and associated journals

CNE offered online from a variety of journal sources on a variety of topics in multiple formats. Courses may have an associated fee. Credits available: ANCC.

Continuing Education - Critical Care Nurses:


American Journal of Critical Care

Provides a listing of CNE available in journal articles. Credits available: AACN. 

For more information about ANCC accreditation: American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Accreditation.

Instructions for receiving credit

For CINAHL Complete:

"The course material links to the CE module which consists of the course materials, Interactive Review, and final test.

The Interactive Review section or "practice" test will provide feedback on the answers.

The CE module final test consists of multiple choice questions which are answered and graded online. After successful completion of the final test, users can download and print their CE certificates."

See FAQ page for more information.

For UpToDate :

Use the instructions on the following page to track and submit your credits:

CME/CE/CPD Tracking with UpToDate

See the FAQ page for more information.

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