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Literature Search Tip: Finding Prolific Authors in a Field


Scopus is a very large multi-disciplinary database with helpful analysis tools.  One analysis tool lets you rank search results by author.

When you do a search, you can see which authors have published the most articles on that subject.

From the search results page, click on "Analyze Results" to create a chart like the one below. 

Use the author links to the right of the chart to quickly scan articles written by those individual authors.




Institutional Research Networking Resource: DIRECT2Experts


  • Interface for searching institutional research networking databases from over 70 institutions.
  • Type an area of expertise and connect to faculty profiles that include appointments, publications, research interests, and grants. 


Search Tip: Find Authors by Their Institution or Location


Search the biomedical literature in PubMed for authors' institutions or location in the [AD], or Author Affiliation (Address), field. 

Find people in a particular location who have published on the topic you're interested in.

Note: Prior to October 2013, only the first author's address is searchable.  For records added since October 2013, ALL author addresses from the front page of the article are searchable.

"Pancreatic Neoplasms"[Mesh] AND seattle[AD]

Proteomics AND "university of washington"[AD]


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